Company Profile

Founder Keith A. Shaw(1926-2001) with his sons Ken J. Shaw and Len R. Shaw

A contractor’s word is his most valuable asset. No one understands the significance of that better than K. Shaw’s highly respected owners, long-time contractors, and brothers, Ken and Len Shaw. K.Shaw & Sons Contracting is a collaboration between two proven professionals who share a host of complementary skills between them. It’s also the result of their shared belief that good construction requires a transparent process, a professional management style, and above all, superior service delivered on time and on budget. K. Shaw’s first priority is client satisfaction – and they deliver every time.

KEN J. SHAW, designer and estimator has also worked as project coordinator and supervisor for the company. Ken has 4 years at the University of Alberta in Education and Science, holds a 2 year Interior design diploma and has his journeyman’s certificate. He has gained 37 years of experience in the trade.
LEN R. SHAW, estimator and manager has also worked as project coordinator and supervisor. He has a BCET plus his journeyman’s in carpentry. He has 38 years of experience in the construction business.